To be able to serve patients better, pharmacy professionals and students need constant learning not just from textbooks but also from real-life experiences and insights from the experts in the field. If you are looking for valuable online resources for learning anything about pharmacy, here is a list of online pharmacy resources we have compiled for you.

The Digital Apothecary

Combining humor with serious discussions, this pharmacy website is your reference site for the latest developments in pharmacy technology. Some of the topics covered include pharmacy apps and wearable health devices.

The Pharmacist Blog
A very handy online resource for pharmacy students, The Pharmacist Blog focuses on topics related to pharmacy education, goals, and finances. There are also study materials that can be extremely helpful for people who are learning in the field.

Med Ed 101
Looking for free educational resources for pharmacists? Then head on over to Med Ed 101 for inter-professional medication education. This website features information for pharmacotherapy specialists and case studies to enhance learning and understanding of complex concepts about pharmacy.

Therapeutics Education Collaboration

Specializing in rational drug therapy, this pharmacy website features an array of case-based podcasts that help visitors have critical thoughts about dispensing and administering medications to patients.

The Honest Apothecary
This pharmacy blog posts interesting interviews with pharmacy experts as well as a wide range of topics such as over-the-counter medications, prescription drugs, leadership, and pharmacy news.

Pharmacist Jamie
For an optimistic view of the pharmacy profession, visit the Pharmacist Jamie blog to see her insights about patient service and real-life pharmacy.