Who we are
Tiany in Pharma is one of the leading pharmaceuticals manufacturers involved in the development, manufacturing, marketing, and sale of quality medicines. Our headquarters in San Bruno, California boasts of state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and an extensive nationwide sales and distribution network throughout the United States.

We focus on the research, development, promotion, and sale of pharmaceutical treatments. We have a comprehensive portfolio of products and medical solutions for a wide variety of medical conditions and diseases.

How we began

Our pharmaceutical company began developing research-based treatments in the 1980s to meet the ever-changing patient needs. This long yet rewarding journey has led us to develop and manufacture treatments for infectious, cardiovascular, and autoimmune diseases.

Our company values
We aim to sustain our position as a leading pharmaceutical company in California to enable us to consistently deliver high-quality solutions and services to our clients. Our business is driven by our two core company values: innovation and passion.

We continuously strive to innovate, as we believe that change drives us to do better in everything we do. And that reflects on the quality of our offerings. Our team of pharmacists and medical experts are passionate about providing proper treatment to thousands of patients in the U.S. to uplift the quality of their lives. We care for public health as much as we care for our clients and employees.